Brief About IB Board

We have several education boards in India that offer school education to children. The different education boards include the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education or ICSE, the Central Board Of Secondary Education or CBSE, State Education Boards, and International Baccalaureate or IB. The best international schools in India follow the IB board keeping the local curriculum as the base. IB schools have been popular recently, especially in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Pune. 

We are one of the best IGCSE schools in Chennai, offering an excellent curriculum, the best faculty, and world-class amenities. IB is a globally recognised non-profit educational board founded in 1968 and based in Geneva. The IB curriculum has practical coverage of all subjects, and it focuses on the skill and application of every concept. The comprehensive curriculum covers a wide range of subjects that focus on complete development and growth. The IB board Assessments will test the knowledge and not the memory and speed. IB board schools focus on how to learn rather than what to learn.

Tips To Choose The Best International School

International schools are mostly preferred by expatriates who have settled abroad and returned to India. The preference is primarily because of the continuum their children will get for their Education. There are over 40 IB schools in India. It is spread across all major cities, including Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, and Chennai. Picking the right school can be an arduous task.

Thorough Analysis of School Curriculum :

We get queries from parents worried about the curriculum's standard followed in the school. They mostly enquire if we follow the IB curriculum and the medium of instruction. We are aware that the growth and development of the child depend on good school education. Our parents believe that IB boards provide the stepping stone for their future success. The right educational system will allow the child to explore their inner strength and skills. The child will know their interest and ways to expand them.


Should Impart 21-Century Skills :

Every international school is different, and parents will have to employ a few strategies to identify the right one. An excellent way to identify the right school is by finding out if the school is committed to impart 21st-century skills. Parents will have to find if the schools follow the IB curriculum throughout various levels. Keeping in mind the child’s best interest, it is good they follow one board throughout their school education. One main idea for choosing the IB board is to make children be global citizens. Parents need to ensure if the school has an international community within a classroom that will widen the child's horizon concerning cultural and racial diversity.

Must Comprise Of Students From Diverse Groups :

The school should be the place that teaches students to appreciate others' communities and be tolerant of their beliefs. Not just students, but the teachers should also be from diverse groups. The school should allow for both intellectual growth and emotional intelligence. It is not just academic development, but a school must take care of the child’s overall development. A school must have a set of beliefs and values passed on to every student.

Do The Best International Schools Follow IB Curriculum?

Expert educationists from one of the IB Board Schools in  Chennai feel that students must follow the same board throughout their school education. IB board schools mostly provide education for kindergarten to the nursery, and they follow the IB curriculum throughout with the same methodology of teaching at various levels. The right IB board school should help students to understand concepts. They must allow free access to resources and other courses. 

The environment of the school should match the belief of the parents. It is essential, and it will help shape the child's future. An IB school will have three different levels: primary, middle and diploma. The students get to choose different subjects from 6 different groups in the diploma program. Assessments are based only on knowledge and not rote learning. A school with an IB board will follow and practice principles that focus on students' skills.

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