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Thank you for showing interest in The International Village School Chennai. We are an Authorised IB World School, offering a full range of learning opportunities for students. We welcome applications from students of all nationalities, throughout the school year, which runs from August to June.

Before you start the application process for your child, please carefully read through the information below.

We are currently accepting applications for our PYP & MYP programs.

Admissions Process

Parents interested in enrolling their child may first register their interest here.
Register Here

An application link will be emailed to you which will be active for 7 days for you to fill it up.

Upon submission of an application, your child will enter our applicant pool. Our Admissions Office will review the application, once we receive all the required documentation. Students who meet our requirements will be invited with their parents to attend an admissions interview. Students are admitted on a first come, first served basis.

Age and Grade Placement - as on September 1

EC 2
EC 3
EC 4
KG 5
Grade 1
2 Years
3 Years
4 Years
5 Years
6 Years

Age and eligibility - Grades 1 Upwards

Age and Grade placement for Class 1 upwards will be based on previous school records and our evaluation.

Online Application

To complete an application, you will need:

  • Access to a full-featured laptop or desktop computer with the latest version of any major browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc.) and a stable Internet connection.
  • All the documents are outlined in the supporting documents section. Documents need to be uploaded in PDF format. No one file to exceed 1MB.
  • Note that the photographs that need to be uploaded must be in JPEG format not exceeding 1MB.

Supporting Documents

  • Student identification (passport or birth certificate) and a high quality recent student photo.
  • Parent / guardian identification (passport and visas or Aadhar card) and high-quality parent / guardian photos.
  • Past school reports/records (English translations if necessary).
  • Standardized testing results if available.
  • Completed health form.

School Hours

School starts at 8:15 a.m. and ends at 3:15 p.m. We offer a half-day option for Early Childhood (2,3 and 4-year-olds).


The scholarship is designed to provide tuition fee assistance to families in need of financial assistance. There is a limited number allocated each year. Scholarship applicants apply through the regular admissions process and must meet the general admissions criteria. Scholarships will be awarded following the admissions acceptance process.

English Proficiency

Non-native English-speaking students will be given English as an Additional Language (EAL) test to determine if support is needed. The following criteria will be used by the Admissions Office to determine whether a student will be invited to take the EAL test:

  • The primary language spoken by the student
  • The language(s) spoken between parents and the student
  • The student’s educational language background
  • The primary language of both parents


Parents completing the admissions process will need to submit the registration fee immediately upon acceptance. The registration fee is a one-time non-refundable fee. The tuition fee will need to be submitted within one month of receipt of invoice.

Age and Grade Placement

EC 2
2 years old
EC 3
3 years old
EC 4
4 years old
KG 5
5 years old
Grade 1
6 years old
Grade 2
7 years old
Grade 3
8 years old
Grade 4
9 years old
Grade 5
10 years old
Grade 6
11 years old

From Grade 2 onwards, assignment to a grade level is based on previous school records, within the age requirements.

We welcome students from different countries and differing school calendars. Applicants from countries, whose school year finishes during December-March, will continue for an additional semester in the grade most recently completed. After careful consideration of the application, students are placed in the appropriate grade level, which meet our curriculum, expectations, as well as performance on any test the Administration may wish to administer.

The School recognizes that there may be differences in opinion of parents regarding grade placement. However, the Superintendent reserves the right to make all final determinations regarding placement.

For our youngest learners, initial grade assignments are made by birth date, so that they receive age and developmentally appropriate foundations.

Let's Begin Your Child's Journey to Knowledge

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Frequently Asked Questions

As an international school in Chennai, we start at 7:55 a.m. for all years. The academic day finishes at 12:30 p.m. for the Early Years, and 3:00 p.m. for Kindergarten and all other grades.
Once we have received your completed online application, we will assess your child’s eligibility for admission and notify you regarding acceptance. When a place is available, an offer will be extended by email. The registration fee is required within one week of acceptance of admission. The first day of attendance, if not the first day of the academic year, will be mutually agreed to between parents and the Admissions Office.
Our IB School makes every effort to provide a meaningful education for all students. We do not have a comprehensive Support Program and may not be able to admit students whose needs are beyond our scope. Children with student support needs will be assessed to determine whether the school has sufficient resources to provide appropriate support.
The school offers a bus service to all students at an additional cost.
Our school will organize a 'New Students Orientation' for all new students and parents prior to the school year. More details will be shared with families after they have accepted an offer for their child at our school.
When parents submit an application form, a school health form will also need to be submitted. Please note that until these forms are completed, your child's first day of attendance will be postponed.
The first day of attendance, if not the first day of the academic year, will be mutually agreed to between parents and the Admissions Office.
Yes. We offer a diverse Pursuits program for our students. Our expert teaching staff will work hard to make sure that our students have an engaging and interesting extension to their school day. We will offer a wide assortment of fun academic, creative, and sport activities.
Every visitor must report to the Security Office at the school gate; only visitors with prior-appointments are permitted on the campus after showing proper identification. The visitor will be issued an ID badge to wear on the school premises and submit to the Security Office again when leaving. All parents and staff have a School ID card that is issued by our Security Team when joining. School ID cards must be worn when on campus.
Our school uniform consists of a School t-shirt. Black shoes are compulsory.
  • Student identification (passport or birth certificates) and a high quality recent photo.
  • Parent identification (passport, visa or Aadhar card) and photo of both parents.
  • Past school reports with English translations, if necessary for Kindergarten and above.
  • Standardized testing results, if available.
  • Completed health form.
We are an English speaking school and offer French as our Modern Foreign Language. Hindi and Tamil are offered as additional languages.
Non- native English speakers are welcomed. English testing can be used to establish if a pupil may need English as an Additional Language (EAL) program and arrangements made to accommodate this.

Parent Perspectives: A Glimpse into Our School's Impact

Nithin D'mello
Nithin D'mello
March 1, 2024
This is definitely one of the better IB schools in Chennai at the moment. Our daughter loves the school and has grown some very special bonds with her teachers. The staff seem to be very well trained with the IB curriculum and are sensitive to the child's needs and growth. They also have many times gone above and beyond to help parents and the children in many ways. Am very happy with the school and looking forward to seeing it grow as the year go by
kheneishaa mehra
kheneishaa mehra
February 29, 2024
My kids are studying in this school since 2021 They absolutely love the school and hate to miss even a single day …. This is the only IB School in Chennai that delivers what it claims… Grateful for their time and effort 😊
December 19, 2023
It has been a wonderful association with IVS since 2021. When we were relocating from South Korea, we had so many questions in our mind , uncertain of how IB based Indian Schools are and what will be their organization like when compared to schools which stresses a lot on regular text book approach that we know of. Little did I realize, that education systems have grown and developed in India since a decade or more. New education approach like IB sets the bar higher than before as they look at 360 degree development of a child rather than pushing them to study and focus on text books alone. This new approach is logic based education system which supports the child needs as per their learning ability (like the 5 fingers each child is different in learning concepts and this education system encourages each child to go with their own pace of learnings & providing them with a support system which address to their well being) as a parent I was very thrilled to be a part of my child journey. Our daughter studied in a school which adopted holistic approach for the development of a child , studies based on projects and environments and she used to be very happy to go to school every day & we were searching for something similar when we arrived here in Chennai. We were pleasantly surprised by the philosophy of IVS and the vision they had for the development & the well being of the child. I am very much impressed with the school superintendent Mr. Peter Bird, the head of Admin Mrs. Josephine and the entire teaching faculty. The amount of attention they pay to each and every student is really worth appreciating . Their home room teachers are very approachable and they treat each and every child differently and they support the development of each child based on their capacity to grab the logic at their own pace , this is something worth praising as it gives a lot of confidence to the child to learn and grasp the knowledge in a very practical way. The infrastructure has lot of extra curricular rooms which brings out different talents of each and every child for ex. amphitheater for drama, dance & arts, music room, robotics and Mac library etc etc. their pursuits are interesting as well and has some offerings which even big IB schools don’t provide , for example horse riding which my daughter enjoys a lot. There are other pursuits programs as well like pottery, baking , ballet, soccer etc which keeps the child engaged after school hours if you want to register your child to discover new and fun filled activities or core sports if that’s their interest. Their transportation facility is modern and well connected and tracked via GPS systems , they have a caretaker in each school bus and they take care of the safety aspect, for example, wearing seat belts are compulsory (small thing, but a great way to access how much they care about the children) bus is controlled via speed governors etc. Overall , we are very happy that we chose IVS and we know that the school is growing and they keep adding a lot of facilities within their perimeter. We are very thankful to the entire teaching staffs , the supporting staffs (they have staffs for child’s mental & physical well being which I forgot to mention before) , the admin and the school superintendent. Kudos to all of you for the amazing job you do everyday to support the development of my child.
Dr.Abirami Krithiga J
Dr.Abirami Krithiga J
September 13, 2023
Best IB school in chennai. As a Pediatric superspecialist I highly recommended this school. Inspite of their strong academic, social and emotional characteristic development the way they sculpt tender minds is amazing. They encourage children to think critically, reflect and solve complex problems. In the midst of schools which cause a major embarrassment to children in sensitive issue, the way IVS groom and support children during their unstable behavior is marvelous. The teachers are benevolent especially Mr.Peter Bird and his commitment to the students wellbeing is exceptional.
Samraj antony bosco Bosco
Samraj antony bosco Bosco
August 7, 2023
I am impressed with school infrastructure and its quality education
Surabhi Manohar
Surabhi Manohar
June 30, 2023
We had a great search for schools where my kid can feel really comfortable. I wanted my kids school to be a place where he can express himself without any restrictions, follow his dreams and importantly be who he is. My kid is with IVS for more than a year. He really enjoys going to school and I see him turning into a very kind, polite and loving personality. Im really touched with the way the teachers handle kids at school.Happy to be a part of IVS.

Facts & Figures

Teaching is a career that is more of a commitment to society. You play an instrumental role in moulding a child’s future. Join us today to build the future of tomorrow!

Our teachers are from all over the world

England, America, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Fiji, Mauritius, Singapore and many different states across India.

Our student diversity has been even wider with families from

America, Ireland, Canada, USA, Germany, Russia,Ukraine, Denmark, England, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Norway, Fiji, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, France, Iran and India.