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About The International Village School

IVS believes in a world that transcends national boundaries in action and spirit, sharing common responsibilities towards global concerns and in nurturing a global society.

That education is a shared responsibility is fundamental to our philosophy and approach as we firmly believe - 'It takes a village to raise a child'.

The International Village School was established with a vision to provide an outstanding international educational experience that enables students to develop into successful and creative global citizens and future leaders.

The initial and ongoing research, personal visits, direct engagements with educational institutions around the world has enabled IVS to curate best practices in education and nurturing a progressive student culture. Students enjoy a positive learning experience in an inquiry-based and research-based learning environment that ensures all students reach their full potential. Our school exudes a family-friendly atmosphere to make your child feel valued as a significant member of the IVS community. We carefully create a culturally diverse environment by recruiting qualified staff from around the world that is further supported by our admission policy that ensures fair representation of nationalities.


To provide an outstanding international educational experience, that enables students to develop into successful and creative global citizens and future leaders.


To ensure every child meets their full potential by developing their intellect, character, and well-being through community collaboration in an exceptional learning environment.

Five Holistic Elements

We believe that to prepare children for life and to develop a mindset for the challenges of the future, students need a holistic learning experience. Our five learning areas provide a well- rounded educational program that empowers our students to follow the path towards their passions, aspirations, purpose, and personal success.

The Five Holistic Elements lead students to a deeper level of inquiry and understanding, confidence in their skills and abilities. Students grow personally, develop social skills, and acquire a sense of well-being.


IVS resides in a quiet, community setting, near to the Sholinganallur forest reserve on its own private ground. The state of the art facility keeps our ever curious and inquiring students engaged and challenged with enriched and dynamic learning spaces and experiences from preschool to diploma.

IVS campus supports academic, creative, physical and emotional development to ensure every child meets their full potential as a well grounded, confident and successful individual.

Specialist classrooms for our Early Childhood Program students are ideal to facilitate the IB curriculum from ages 3 to 5 years old. These classrooms are designed for early learners to develop a sense of inquiry and at the same time learn to function in an organised environment. Students have direct access to engaging outside play zones and the atelier that serves as an inviting space conducive to extended learning and engages them through imagination, creativity and early social interactions.
Spacious distinct and independent zones for IB PYP, MYP and DP Classrooms. Students explore various approaches to learning and develop research skills through dedicated research libraries that provide for early research skills and facilities that engage them in student services and specialist classes for languages.

Performing Arts Zone and Design thinking - PYP, MYP and DP for 2 to 18 years. IVS believes in the power of a creative environment that is fluid, multidimensional and explorative. The space and design of the curriculum provides for cross curricular integration across subjects and concepts.

In performing arts, students can progress from structured learning sessions of Dance, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts to explorative sessions of jamming and creation. Various dedicated facilities such as Black Box Theatre, Media Production, Design lab, Mac Lab, Visual Arts facilities can transform to collaborative spaces for creative integration and leads to completion through production and publishing.

As with performing arts, IVS facilitates the possibilities of art and technology integration. While the dedicated zones support skill development in fine-arts, pottery, textiles, woodwork and production, robotics and computer technology, they also facilitate application of these skills in prototyping and production through integration of these art forms as reflected across industries in real life.

Breakout and Community Dining Spaces - These airy spaces set in a natural environment have served our students and teachers to interact, bond and reflect with each other and return refreshed to enjoy the rest of the school day.


Our teaching community has members from around the world coming together with the same hopes and aspirations for children to become caring, happy, healthy and successful global citizens. Students are prepared to deal with a globally connected world when they have an appreciation of multiple perspectives, a cross cultural understanding and openness to new experiences by developing a growth mindset.

A strong team of qualified professional administrative and teaching staff have come together to create a place of excellent learning experiences in a joyful environment. The education and well-being of our students is the primary responsibility of the team.

We know that teachers and staff are the heart & soul of the school, please feel free to browse our website and learn more about IVS, our campus and the opportunities available for living and working in Chennai. Interested in being a part of our village? You are welcome to apply here.

Know Our Staff

Parent Volunteer Committee

The Parent Volunteer Committee at IVS plays a pivotal role in fostering a strong sense of community and active parental involvement in the educational journey of our students. Committed to the belief that education is a collaborative effort between the school and parents, the committee serves as a bridge, facilitating meaningful connections and enhancing the overall school experience.

One of the primary functions of the Parent Volunteer Committee is to organize and coordinate various school events and activities. From open houses and cultural festivals to sports meets and educational workshops, these dedicated parents contribute their time and skills to ensure the smooth execution of events that enrich the academic and social fabric of IVS.

Beyond event coordination, the committee actively engages in supporting the school's initiatives and projects. Whether it's assisting with fundraising efforts, participating in community outreach programs, or contributing to the enhancement of school facilities, the Parent Volunteer Committee plays a vital role in the implementation of school-wide initiatives.

Furthermore, the committee serves as a valuable communication channel between parents and school administration. By fostering open lines of communication, they facilitate a collaborative environment where ideas, concerns, and feedback can be shared constructively. This two-way communication ensures that parents are well-informed about school activities, policies, and educational programs.

The Parent Volunteer Committee also serves as role models for community service and civic engagement. By actively participating in volunteering opportunities, parents demonstrate to their children the importance of giving back to the community and being actively involved in making a positive impact.

In essence, the Parent Volunteer Committee at IVS embodies the school's commitment to a holistic approach to education—one that recognizes the indispensable role of parents in creating a nurturing and supportive environment. Their dedication and active involvement contribute significantly to the vibrant and inclusive community that defines International Village School.

Facts & Figures

Teaching is a career that is more of a commitment to society. You play an instrumental role in moulding a child’s future. Join us today to build the future of tomorrow!

Our teachers are from all over the world

England, America, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Fiji, Mauritius, Singapore and many different states across India.

Our student diversity has been even wider with families from

America, Ireland, Canada, USA, Germany, Russia,Ukraine, Denmark, England, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Norway, Fiji, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, France, Iran and India.