Education And School Amenities Offered At International Schools 

Education is an essential part of our life. It is the foundation based on which our life and career take shape. Choosing the right school is the most significant decision parents will have to take. It becomes increasingly necessary to select the best IB school if the parents are recently transferred from abroad. It will be strange for the child to be in a new country, new life, and a new city. The best international school will help the child transition to the new life smoothly. We are one of the best IB schools in Chennai that provides a world-class environment with top infrastructure and amenities

Many factors differentiate a school from a pack. To be the best school is entirely dependent on the entire school's effort. The teachers, school staff, senior members need to provide ample support for the smooth sailing experience for every student. Classroom and campus facilities also are essential factors that contribute to the overall success of a school. Let us discuss some critical elements required for a successful educational program.

Useful School Features That Differentiates The Best IB School

A school must use instructional time effectively. Schools should have a specific time dedicated to language arts instruction and reading. Children with special needs should be given additional assistance and education to cope. Language arts instruction included reading aloud and literature discussion for nonfiction and fiction. Schools should introduce systematic instruction in concept development and language as early as kindergarten. Schools take the initiative to Create consistent education after considering data obtained from the classroom, assessments and sample work from students. Schools must have effective teaching and instructional practices in place.

Assessment of  instructional needs:

Teachers must assess students' instructional needs. They must organise groups whose members will change as they progress or experience difficulty. The instruction should have frequent interactions and constructive feedback. Children should read at an appropriate level, and teachers should adjust instructional activities as per the child’s progress. Instructional materials should be selected based on research. It must provide a structure for classroom instruction, including reading. 

Few small students of our IB School holding the big colourful cloth exhibiting the fun in the hall and few parents are discussing with teachers beside them

Sound teaching materials

The material should help students with phonemic awareness, alphabetic knowledge and principle, spelling, writing, vocabulary building, comprehension and understanding.

Inculcate Reading Habit In Children:

The school instruction should make each student emerge as a reader. Schools should have a library with a wide range of book collections, and students should be given access to it. Students should be given a chance to read independently, in groups or with partners both at home and school.

The aim is to become fluent readers and make them capable of reading complex literature in both nonfiction and fiction genres. Teachers must engage students in a meaningful discussion. It must focus on reflective thinking and interpretations. The text should support their interpretations.

Periodical Assessment Via Different Modes: 

Comprehension will increase as students read several books and materials. Assessments should not just be tests and exams. There should be several evaluation tools spread across the academic year. Screening assessment, informal assessment and end-of-year assessment is commonly implemented in most schools. The campus must look attractive and must be book rich. It must display a student workaround. The staff must be respectful and friendly. The curriculum should be revisited and improved to accommodate new instructional methods.

Teachers Play a Key Role In Grooming Students

Being one of the top international schools in Chennai, we always believe and insist that teachers must have professional development. Teachers should be a part of continuous and relevant professional development that focuses on implementing quality classroom instruction. Teachers need to have time to work, consult and visit other classrooms to make decisions. Teachers must be given time to practice their instructional strategies. Schools must have master teachers to train less experienced teachers. 

Teachers must be native speakers of the medium of instruction. Schools must offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities which students must pick. Schools must provide extra language classes other than the medium of instruction. The class strength should not be more than 24 students. Price is not something most parents worry about when imparting quality education to students.

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