Good School Education For Your Child’s Future

We don’t compromise on quality school education for our child. Most of us opt for the best school and education board that we believe is best to shape the child's future. Education in India is changing rapidly. Apart from CBSE, ICSE and state board syllabus, parents are now considering international boards. They believe that their children will stand a chance to form 21st century skills. With the proliferation of international schools in India, parents have more options for their child. We are one of the top IGCSE schools in Chennai with top-class amenities, qualified faculty members and other educational facilities. 

We believe in building the future of every child based on their abilities and interest so that they are skilled to recognise their core strength and work on it to develop their future. Global education is based on global citizen education, development education and comparative education. To prepare Indian students globally ready, the current educational system is upgraded based on global education. International board programmes come with a ready to implement a package that addresses all concerns of parents. Learning new concepts, expanding horizons, exposure to global cultures and building international relationships are some of the takeaways of international schools. The emphasis is not just the content in textbooks but on understanding the concepts. It offers a multicultural environment that ensures a mix of nationalities, norms, ideas and course culture.

Guide for Parents To Assess the Good International School

As a leading IB school in Chennai, we provide the best academic opportunity for every student. Our advice is that parents need to do their research to figure out the right IB school. Parents will have to take a look at the curriculum, understand classroom environment, strength, subjects, teacher to student ratio and teaching methodologies. It will help parents to understand the qualities of education offered by the school. The style of implementing the curriculum will tell the quality of the educational system followed by the school.

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The research should also be about faculties. They play an essential role in imparting education.  Before finalising the IB school, you need to inspect the teaching style and methods. A qualified and well-informed teacher will make all the difference. We must know the quality of teaching and teachers before choosing an international school. Visiting the school campus will give a fair idea about the school environment and its facilities. Children feel more enthusiastic and persuasive toward learning if they like the school environment. Classes, labs, and libraries should be well equipped and must have recreation, extracurricular activities, and sports. Don’t forget to check the behaviour of staff and teachers.

Connecting with other parents and students is another way to find more about a school. We will get unbiased information on current standards of the school. School websites, social media platforms are other areas where we can find comments, reviews and feedback about the school directly from its patrons. To allow the child to settle down quickly, parents should match their values with that of schools values. Last but not least, understand the fees structure. Parents should know what gets into miscellaneous expenses to understand what they are spending for

Other Factors To Consider

The International Board takes a practical approach where the IGCSE curriculum in India is exam centric and content-oriented. It is a comprehensive curriculum that brings together several components, such as creativity and knowledge theory. Top universities in India now prefer international board students. Universities colleges in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Pune prefer IB board schools. 

One significant advantage is that the colleges and universities in the UK and USA recognise and prefer international schools. It will not be smooth sailing for students pursuing education in international schools. A few subjects will be challenging and demand more time and effort. Students will have several assignments, and the tests will be harder to crack. If the child is not doing well on the acid board, the parent must take the initiative to place them in an Indian board school. 

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