Our Village

Our purpose-designed building has been thoughtfully created with young learners in mind. Ranked among the best IB schools in Chennai, we take every effort in providing an environment that truly supports each child's learning. The natural environment around supports learning that is relevant and experiential, providing ample opportunities to explore the plants and birdlife around using cameras, binoculars and portable microscopes led by curiosity.

Our Classrooms

Teacher with painting in her hand  guiding the small students by making them sit around the white table inside the classroom

International Village school offers a multitude of teaching and learning opportunities through its well planned and spacious classrooms. All classrooms are filled with natural light and open out to their own outdoor spaces multisensory play spaces that provoke learning. Classrooms are connected to a large central atelier space, designed to promote the various learning objectives for early childhood through an exploratory approach. The various zones in the atelier provide the perfect setting for children to experience, inquire, and interact as they build on their understanding of concepts.

Our classrooms are spacious, comfortable, well-lit and ventilated, enabling the physical, emotional and cognitive development of young minds. IVS has created an enriching environment that every parent wants for their child.


A boy in a blue shirt  of  elementary grade exploring the IB Board activity by arranging the colour bars at his school

Labs are an integral part of the IB curriculum. Our Science, Design and Computer Labs are designed to support the practical aspects of the subjects while ensuring children's safety in an experimental environment.

IVS transcends the boundaries of dedicated labs and technology spaces balancing inquiry and systematic instruction. Understanding of concepts and higher level thinking is supported by integrating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) through Science Labs, Computer, Robotics and Tinkering Spaces that support collaboration, application, investigative thinking and problem solving.

Our sports and play spaces

Teacher holding two small wooden blocks and giving one to small kids and he is happily getting it from her

Our outdoor play spaces are designed to allow children to enjoy their childhood and engage in unstructured play in a natural environment. IVS facilities include an international standard climbing wall, astro-turf football pitch, archery, crickets nets with auto bowler, clay tennis court and a swimming pool.

These facilities help children develop a love for adventure sports, build confidence, athletic abilities, sportsmanship, personal integrity and respect.

Our Library

Two kids reading books inside the cloth tent  inside our school library

Our libraries are well-stocked with books and digital resources that are sourced from around the world to provide wider exposure through reading. Comfortable furniture and flexible seating options make the space inviting for research and making collaborative study an enjoyable activity.

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