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International Village School - Best IB Education · international schools in Perumbakkam - International Village School

Enroll your Child in IVS, One of the Best International Schools in Perumbakkam

Choosing the best international school is difficult because there are many outstanding ones in the city. Likewise, there are many international schools in Perumbakkam, but if you want to give your child the best possible foundation in education, fitness, and life skills, walk into IVS, the best international school there, and give your child a better future.

The children, parents, and teachers of International Village School celebrate Easter day wearing animal costumes.

Benefits of Enrolling in IVS

International Village School offers students a well-rounded, world-class education, ensuring that they are on the same level as students of their age around the world. Here are a few more benefits your child can get by enrolling at International Village School.

1. Recognized by the Top Universities Around the World

Some of the most prestigious institutions abroad know and appreciate the best international schools in Chennai. IVS, near Perumbakkam, plays a crucial role in helping students get into the universities of their choice and paves the way for their better future. This is one of the most important reasons you would want to enroll your child at one of the best international schools in Perumbakkam.

2. International Academic Environment And Curriculum

IVS ensures that the academic instruction provided within its premises adheres to the standards specified by international boards. Besides academic pursuits, we emphasize developing children's personalities and making them tolerant, understanding, and responsible. After acceptance, IVS provides students with a global atmosphere. We help students experience and adapt to diverse cultures.

3. Student-centered Approach

The teaching strategy in IVS focuses on the needs of the students. Your child will have the opportunity to study in an environment tailored to their learning needs. Our knowledgeable and trained instructors recognize that each child is unique and work hard to give each student individual attention.

Our faculty is always ready to help students with their unique educational needs. They ensure that students receive an excellent education that gives them a deeper understanding of ideas.

4. Enhanced Virtual Learning

IVS offers an enhanced Virtual Learning Experience (VLE) through Virtual Classrooms for both online and on-site learning. VLE is supported by online learning management software. At IVS, students can stay on top of technology trends by attending classes in labs and classrooms that have been carefully constructed with the latest equipment.

5. Access to Arts Education

IVS students have the best access to the world of arts and crafts. Art classes are conducted by qualified instructors. Children are exposed to outdoor, visual, theatrical art, drama, and dance activities.

A hand holding black pen and drawing mandala art on a sheet of paper.

6. Focus on All-Round Development

Being future professionals, students need to focus on more than just academic brilliance in today's workplace due to increased competition. At IVS, we know the value of social and communication skills for your child's future success. We, therefore, place a strong emphasis on the holistic growth of our students.

We encourage students' critical thinking and problem-solving skills by blending STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) through science labs, computers, robots, and maker spaces.

Our goal is to provide children with a healthy learning environment that motivates them to improve as students and ultimately as professionals in one of the best schools around Perumbakkam.

International Village School is among the best international schools in Perumbakkam. A world-class school with an experienced faculty, world-class facilities, and a curriculum that is in tune with modern-day learning requirements, International Village School is truly an IB board school like no other. The school is located close to several upcoming townships and communities in nearby locations including, Medavakkam, Sholinganallur, Pallikaranai, Kelambakkam, Injambakkam, Navalur, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to schedule a meeting for a campus tour?

You can schedule a visit to our thriving and distinguished campus by speaking with our Admissions Office by phone, online, or in person.

2. Can my son avail of the bus service from Perumbakkam to school?

IVS charges extra for its bus service, which is available to all students. You can use this service for your child to reach us.

3. Do you grant scholarships to students?

Yes, the scholarship is intended to help families who cannot afford tuition fees. Every year, a certain number of scholarships are distributed.

4. What are the admission requirements at IVS?

IVS accepts students from within and outside the country. Our admissions office will review your completed online application upon receipt. Parents are asked to participate in an admissions interview if their child meets our standards.

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