Sharmila Ravi

PE Teacher - India Sharmila holds a Master's degree in Physical Education. She has also completed her M.Phil and is a licensed football trainer. Bringing her 8 years of experience in the field of physical education, Sharmila combines innovative teaching methods with a deep understanding of individual student needs."She believes in fostering a positive and […]

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Divya Suresh

Early Childhood Teacher - India Divya has a passion for education and the growth of young people. She has a B.Tech and a B.Ed and has spent the last five years working as a primary level teacher in various parts of India. To make learning easier, she loves to step into the world of the […]

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Gokul Raman

Art Teacher - India Gokul Raman is a multifaceted artist and dedicated Post-Graduate Art teacher whose creative journey is deeply rooted in the captivating realms of woodcut printing and printmaking. With a fervent passion for these traditional techniques, he seamlessly bridges the gap between artistic tradition and contemporary expression. Gokul's artworks come to life through […]

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Dr. Vinnie Cheeran

MYP Biology/Chemistry - India Dr. Vinnie Cheeran is a passionate science educator inspiring curiosity and critical thinking through hands-on learning experiences. She has completed her Doctor of Philosophy in Biotechnology and strives to ignite that "aha" moment in every student by making connections between scientific concepts and real-world applications. She believes that science is more […]

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